about amber 


Amber is a smart, trusted advisor for everyone’s wallet that empowers consumers to make better financial decisions effortlessly. Backed by a patented card consolidation process, Amber helps consumers save hundreds of dollars a year by minimizing bank fees and maximizing rewards. The mobile app and cloud-based solution selects the right card to use at point-of-sale, allocates payments for credit card bills, and recommends the best cards to add into their wallets.

Challenges in consumer payments

There are several pain-points that plague the payment ecosystem:

  • Credit card consumers are not getting all the rewards they deserve. They are overwhelmed by credit cards with competing and confusing benefits. Some are paying obscene amounts in interest and bank fees.

  • Card issuers have a hard time competing for customers and typically spend over $500 to add a new customer.  These issuers are desperate to find new ways to differentiate themselves.

  • Merchants struggle to find effective channels to communicate with their customers.

Amber enhances the entire payment ecosystem

For consumers: Amber empowers consumers by providing a smart financial advisor in their wallets. Consumers benefit from greater rewards and lower bank fees through card usage optimization, personalized card recommendations, relevant merchant offers, and other value-added services.

For card issuers: Amber helps issuers offer the specific products that consumers really want. Amber’s unique insights on wallet-level consumer spending habits enable more targeted marketing of new card offers and other promotions.

For merchants: Amber provides a real-time touchpoint to deliver timely and relevant content to consumers at the time of purchase.

What Makes Amber Unique

Amber’s business model creates significant value for both consumers and business partners. Founded and run by long-time credit card industry insiders, Amber has the deep knowledge and expertise to execute on our vision.

AI-driven financial advisor

Amber applies machine learning to deliver relevant insights to consumers at the time of purchase. This approach drives usage, builds consumer trust, and positions Amber to become the industry standard for smart wallets.

Ideally positioned for business partners

Without Amber, consumer-facing businesses only see a limited view of their customers, which hampers their ability to create targeted product offerings. Amber bridges the gap by generating a wealth of consumer information: payment habits, card preferences, shopping locations, merchant types, and share of wallet data across multiple cards.

Patents for digital wallets

Amber has two issued patents for electronic card issuance.